The origin of eternal flowers

The origin of eternal flowers

There is a touching and beautiful story about the origin of the eternal flower.

A couple in love was about to part. The boy needs to go and engage in a battle to defend his home and loved ones. This farewell might be forever. The boy leaves the girl a freshly plucked rose with a letter sealed in red wax, telling her that when the last petal of the rose falls off, it is time for her to forget him and start a new life of her own.

The girl put the handful of roses in the vase, folded her hands on her chest and prayed to God every day ......

The news of the bloodshed kept coming, the roses slowly ran out of dew and fresh extract, and even the scent faded, but there was never a word from the boy. Miraculously, the flowers in the vase never dropped a single petal. Finally in the early morning of one day, the boy, dressed in a triumphant battle robe, with the deposition of scars, back to the girl's doorstep. From then on a lifetime of holding hands and never separated. There was also the handful of dried but still standing roses.

Thus, the story of the lovers being favored by the gods of luck passed down. In Europe, whenever a boy and a girl fall in love, they keep a handful of roses, or put the petals in the Bible, or make them into eternal flowers that never fade. In this way, they pray to be as happy and lucky as they are in the story until eternity. This is also the flower language and symbolism of eternal flowers.

A flower that can stay beautiful for more than 3 years represents "unchanging love", "eternal happiness", and "beauty forever". The Valentine's Day gift of immortal flowers for girls is not only an expression of love, but also a promise to "stay together for life".

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