About us

About us:
Jas florist’s soap flower is made fragranced soap and starch, crafted into the shape of real flowers. More specifically, roses, carnations, gerbera daisies and even a sprinkling of chrysanthemums. Our flowers can be soluble in water, but not suitable for bathing.
Detail: the individual petals, the vibrant colors and you best believe that those flowers boast a beautiful floral scent.
Why choose us?
1.     They last longer – WAY longer.
2.     Each individual flower is packed full of beautiful floral scents.
3.     They’re great bathroom décor – they come in so many color options so they will most likely suit your room style.
4.     Cost-effective and unique.
When should you get these?
Unlike real flowers, there isn’t really a season to buy soap flowers. You don’t have to wait for the warmer, sunny months to get a lovely rose – so being available all year round makes these soap flowers a versatile gift.
Everyone loves receiving flowers. They’re always a welcomed gift but they do suffer from big cons like high prices and short life. The other alternative, of course, would be plastic fake flowers. They solve the issue of high prices and they’ll last a long time. The big issue there is 1 – they don’t have a fragrance and 2 – most of the time you can tell quite fast that they’re fake. Soap flowers offer the best of both worlds. They last a long time, so partnered with their vibrant colors they’re great for décor and complemented with a beautiful floral scent.
·        Birthdays.
·        Anniversaries.
·        Weddings.
·        Valentine’s day.
·        Mother’s Day.
·        Treat yourself days.
·        Long-lasting.
·        Floral fragranced.
·        Realistic designs of classic flowers.
·        Low cost.
·        Great décor.